News / NE Newsflash Summer '21: H2H9 Awards and more!

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    New Element Newsflash

    Summer 2021 Edition





    H2H9 Awards
    Now that we've cooled down from an intense H2H season a bit, it is time for the inevitable: the H2H Awards. However, there's no better time to experiment with the format than now - to go with an experimental H2H season. Instead of the traditional poll with a limited selection of nominees, you can now vote for everything and everyone through a Google Form. Read more here.


    Evergreen Gardens
    "But I can't access it. It's just too much. It doesn't look like RCT anymore." Remember your H2H overstimulation? It's a very common reaction that usually occurs for some people around halfway through the contest. By the end of it, we all know it. If you needed an antidote for this "issue", we probably have just the thing for you tonight. alex's name is linked to quality RCT like very few others. And whilst he's taken things a bit slower ever since the super triumphant Ancient Worlds last year, it's really quite hard to not like whatever he touches. This time, he has tried to explore the very roots of RCT, at hand of one of the most famous scenarios of the original game: Evergreen Gardens. It was likely the scenario that made us understand first what deep potential RCT had for designing landscapes and foliage, aspects that since the very start of showcase parkmaking have been perfectly essential. alex offers a charming, quaint, nostalgic, scenario-esque, calm and down to earth NCSO park, sometimes looking like he's searching for his inner ar2910, and effortlessly showing an equal finesse and stylistic intelligence. It's certainly something you've not seen in a long time, and yet you know so perfectly well. Very much a park that, for once, is super easy to enjoy. ~posix


    Click the logo above or click here to check out the park.


    More releases (click) today include:



    Ulvenwood is doing Dutch Efteling-duty, in a charming and collected manner. Someone who's slowly but surely establishing hisself at NE, and showing an interesting transition right now.


    Mulpje is back at it and presents a quite impressive semi-fantasy duo park he built with someone named Darkoro. Large structures, strong symbolism, clear fun with the game, and just a lot of very liberated process that's hard not to like.


    AJ shows us some RCT, and in fact an interesting rendition of a quasi recreation of Son of Beast. He's placed it into a setting of his own, very personal and explorative. Also with a befitting autumn vibe.


    Dark_Horse shows he can RCT. An unfinished entry, yes, but definitely with certain substance.




    Panelist Recruitment
    You may have noticed that accolade scores have been appearing a bit slower than usual lately. For this reason we're looking to expand the panel. Please use this Google Form to apply! ~CC9


    New Releases Overview


    Outside the H2H9 entries, the following parks have received an accolade score since the last news flash, or are otherwise significant releases:


    Pending - Evergreen Gardens by alex
     - The Land of Nehekara by Mulpje
    Pending - Mulpia by Mulpje and Darkoro
    Pending - Joris en de Draak / DVH by Ulvenwood and Enox
    Pending - Dr. Tiktok's Time Warp by MorganFan
    Pending - Son of Beast by AJ-
    Silver - A Toy Story - Andy's Room by Rhythm and Ulvenwood
    Bronze - Wonderland by Arjan v L
    Design - Kagoto Heritage Site by WhosLeon
    Other - Town Park by Skykittens69
    Other - [Incomplete]Intrigue: Pacifica by TheRealDank
    Other - Cape Royal Rocket by Dark_Horse
    No win - Grometia - Megapark by AuraSpecs
    No win - Serpents Rock: Rattlesnake by Risiko
    No win - Sea Surfer by elonmuskrat
    No win - District 19 Manufacturing Co by Jens J.


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