Park / Attractiepark Blaarmeersen 1986

Park_3877 Attractiepark Blaarmeersen 1986


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    This park was actually bigger than I expected. It didn't look very big from the overview. But after all, the map size is 254x254. Anyway. The entrace area was very pleasant and harmonic. I usually don't appreciate the orange brick texture, but here it looked very good. I also liked the openness of the area. It was a nice break from the foliage spam.

    Onto Vampie. It's beautiful. I like the layout. The queue interaction is fantastic, the second lift hill is great, and the part over the building is brilliant. The supports blocking the dark ride queue are questionable though. Furthermore I think you did a very good job on the castle/station building. The purple roofs and the purple track really brings them together nicely. Overall I think this area was very good, especially with the seating area in the center of it. I love those. I do think you could've spent more time on the facades. They looked quite uninspired.

    The frontier area(?) and the aztec area didn't excite me very much to be honest. But I do think there are a couple of things worth mentioning. For starters, the log flume, especially the drop and the viewing/splash spot were great. Those things get me hard (to quote historyfreak) Second, the little railway was very cute. And lastly, the theming of Los Sombreros.

    The red coaster looked, well, quite similar to the one we saw in G_Force's WoF. It looked maybe a bit too similar. Even the station had a lot of similarties. Maybe this was inspired by something from real life. I don't know. Regardless, I suppose it's a very popular ride in the park.

    This actually made me want to build something less detailed. It almost gave me nostalgia feels. This is pretty much what RCT was meant to be. Good job Fred, I'm looking forward to see what happens next for this park. 

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    the park is not bad. I'd say its a bit bare, even for dutch parkmaking standards, and there's not much thats so stand-out for me. I like the vibes of the entrance though, and I liked the aztec river ride. it felt the most active and alive out of all the areas IMO. I'm all for timeline parks and more simplistic building but the sacrifice has got to also emphasize good park composition, storytelling, macro design choices, etc. I'm not sure you fully hit the nail on the hammer with those, but its good stuff to keep in mind as you move the park forward.

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    The fun part of building timeline parks is building something shitty to destroy it afterwards and build a whole new zone on it. I think we can expect a lot of changes in the coming years ;)