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    amazing stuff as usual, love how the park feels so real and yet so unbelievable at the same time

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    Awesome park! It feels so real and I love the woodie in the back of the park. Great work!

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    The woodie definitely stands out, but it also illustrates how this park is both generic and has an identity of its own. With the woodie, but also the B&M hyper layout, and the two S&S coasters, there's plenty of uncommonness in the coaster line-up.

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    Congrats on finishing this park! Truly excellent. 


    Particular highlights for me:


    - Go Karts under the Champion layout.


    - Champion layout lol


    - Bulldozer clearing land


    - Peep smoking section. 


    - Queue for Bigfoot


    - Supports on Corkscrew. The foliage and entrance for this ride are perfectly composed as well.


    - Cabin in the woods


    - Gay Pride food hall


    - Railgun is excellently ugly. Love the large turn around the slides. 


    - The sheer size of Xsanity. So massive. Those supports are mindblowing.


    - Flowrider!


    - Construction site. Great details here. Orange vests, markers, vehicle tracks. 


    - Love the secondary entrance. Makes a lot of sense with the waterpark!


    - Cool logo at the park entrance!

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    I'm a big fan of this. The unique coasters give it a really strong character, as does the hillside.

    Here are some of my favourite details:


    Since the woodie was so long, you did well to give each element some character and not just a string of samey hills. Case in point - this high speed cliff-edge turn:

    Attached Image: Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 12.43.39 PM.png


    Love this construction site behind the cabana thingys which you're supposed to relax in haha:

    Attached Image: Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 12.41.46 PM.png


    Very beautiful composition fitting in all these interactions and the access path through the middle of the flume:

    Attached Image: Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 12.39.16 PM.png


    Just enough facade and awning details to decorate an otherwise massive and blocky food-hall. Feels very real:

    Attached Image: Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 12.38.26 PM.png


    well done on the release!

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    I really liked this, mainly because it felt very different which is refreshing on NE.

    There were areas that were downright chaotic that I don’t think I would have been bold enough to try like the area near the hyper and the S&S launcher but I really enjoyed those areas. Another thing that was cool was the kids area which felt like a totally-wedged-in afterthought. It sounds like that’s a criticism but it felt like something that a park would really do.

    The coasters were all solid, my favorites being the two S&S coasters just because they’re just not something you ever see and you pulled them off really well. It’s nice to see coasters like that built with a modern, NE level of detail. I also couldn’t help but think of how cool it would be to be in a waterpark with a 90 mph rocket blasting over my head every 60 seconds. Lol

    You just keep getting better and better with each release but haven’t lost your unique style. A+ from me.
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    This was top of my list now that I've got my computer back up and running, and it definitely deserves more attention then it's getting.


    Overall, I think this is a great example of mature realistic parkmaking. The coasters are really unique and well thought-out, you're attention to the detail of how these rides would exist and function is great, and the sense that this is capturing the interesting and odd of how parks develop over time. A lot of your infrastructure is ace and helps make this feel like a lived in park.


    My favorite thing on the map is the woodie, I think it is transcendent. It captures so well the sense of a coaster cutting through a dense forested landscape, and it manages to have tons of speed and height without feeling too immense cause of the terrain. I mean, in game measurements it's only 20feet shorter than Champion. I think the re-do of the forest makes a huge difference and really brings the concept to life.


    Though a big cramped on the edges, the composition is really good, particularly on a micro-level of how you've balanced your different park elements and path layouts and what not. Though I personally would have wished for a bit more theming in places, the interactions created just by coasters and supports and paths and buildings is really great.


    My only real complaints for the park would be that in some places I think the archy felt a little underbaked and the park does give a very gray impression in places. Like I said, I lean toward wanting more theming and stylization, but I understand that wasn't really the focus of this park overall.


    Congrats on the release, I think this is definitely deserving of parkmaker (as is your back catalogue of work) and I would think a mid-high gold.

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    I enjoyed this park, don't get me wrong. I think there is a lot to like about it such as the monstrous layouts and the landscaping that is there.  The park is too sterile and lacking of character however.  In that regard I think it's a step down from your previous Knotts Vegas. That park oozed character and felt much more inviting than silver lake. I think the closest area(s) that feel this way are the kiddie area and maybe the water park. I also would've liked to see maybe one more family coaster, because as it stands you don't have one. I also think there was too much tarmac in the park. If you zoom or look at the overview, half of the park is green and the other half is grey.  I get that it's supposed to be an "American" park, but even the US isn't that drab.  I do think the score is fair and that with a few changes this park would've conjured a better score. I am glad that you're still building and it feels like you made this park for yourself as well, which I can applaud since most of seem to lose sight of that. 

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    I also would've liked to see maybe one more family coaster, because as it stands you don't have one.



    Timmy Twister isn't a family coaster?


    I'm a big fan of this park - I love the inspiration for it and I love the unique style. Railgun is a big highlight for me, I've been trying to figure out how to do the ride type justice in RCT for awhile. The ride design and the waterpark are the high marks of this park for me; probably the best Arrow/S&S 4D we've seen in game from a realistic standpoint. I think the one thing that held the park back a little was that some of the shops and buildings could maybe have used a little more love. Signs, merchandise, etc. Really in all honesty a minor thing compared to the other content of the park as a whole.


    I really hope we see more unique park styles like this in the future. It's definitely something I'm working towards, and I'd love to see others' takes on it too.

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    I mean families can ride it, but it’s intended for younger families. invadr is also considered a family coaster so just gotta figure out the line to draw.
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    Entrance: Dope

    Midway/Thrill Rides: individually well-done rides, but poorly composed as a whole. Path icon for Hypnosis only visible from one angel, and Railgun's tower blocking part of the ride from that angle is especially unfortunate. The screaming swing also feels awkwardly placed in that it's not a particularly special spot for the ride.

    Railgun: dope. love how it sits over the waterpark. it has a really cool atmosphere to it. It's not the "deep themeing" that the rest of NE typically gushes over and what they mean when they say "atmosphere" but it does have it's own kind of atmosphere that really elevates the area. I wish it had some signage on the side of the entrance though. The queue wasn't super obvious to me.

    Waterpark: great. Love that you got multiple slides working on single queues. Could have had Hurricane use a single tube return by layering Enclosed and Open waterslide track, as the two don't merge.

    Xsanity: Felt a bit fast to me, but it's super impressive nonetheless. Good 4D layouts, and realistically done, are a rare and special treat.

    Champion: Nice layout. Noticed that every other element is an airtime hill, which means there's plenty of it. I also love how it sits in the park, the firsat turnaround looming over the carpark, the whole thing having a really impressive silhouette, and the way it interacts with several other parts of the park are all great.

    Flume: absolutely incredible. nice elements throughout. I can really imagine riding this., and the technical details on it are also top notch.

    Bigfoot: impressive, but not my favorite ride in the park. It's cool how its so long and feels like it's its own kind of adventure through the woods, but it doesn't really excite me like the other headlining coasters do.

    This park as a whole has some spots that really shine through as top level, spotlight worthy work, and they're all over the park. I think there's a few things you could still improve on in terms of composition and sightlines, and bringing your architecture and landscaping up to par with your insanely strong ridemaking and technical details will ensure a significantly stronger score with your next park.

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    Both the real world and rct need more twister B&M hypers

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    I think had I gotten a chance to vote on this, I would've likely trended around 80/85. The uniqueness of the park lineup and your execution of the ride lineup in particular is such a strength of this park (and your work overall), and you handled a lot of unique coaster types in a pretty remarkable manner; the two S&S coasters are standouts in an admittedly-small field but I'd imagine will be tough to top for anyone looking to try these in the future. You also took some well-used coaster types and designed them in a way that made for a novel and enjoyable viewing experience; I hope Champion is a sign that out-and-back hyper layouts will lose some steam! The flume is also an absolute standout in terms of the non-coaster rides.


    I think ITM hit the nail on the head that it's the architecture and landscaping that held this back a bit; it's not that they're poor or anything, but your ride design and technical details are just so strong that it makes the architecture and landscaping feel a bit lackluster in comparison. With these themeless realistic parks, executing those to the same level as ride design is what sets apart the best examples (ie Southwinds). I think you started getting there with that "crunch" that nin talks about on the Discord (like the worn brick pattern in  the tarmac sprinkled throughout the park), but the architecture still has a bit of an unmarred or plastic feel to it; maybe just introducing some more textural variety or wear and tear into the simple buildings could elevate them and also give a bit more history or depth to the idea of a "generic" park.


    Still, this is a really great release, and I hope that this continues both a trend for you and realism as a whole to approach these parks and lineups with a little more creativity and novelty. Can't wait to see what you do next!

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    Really a big fan of this park, and your work in general. The terrain woodie Bigfoot was the highlight I think for me.. that thing hauled so hard. So much fun to watch it pass through the hillside and carry great speed the entire layout. The turnaround after the waterfall with the steep drop was cool, along with all the airtime rollers next to the flume at the end. 


    Railgun was stunning, and I think I oddly would've preferred this to have been the centerpiece rather than Xsanity, but that's purely because it's so cool. The way it interacted with the water park was nice.


    The flume too was extremely well done. The covered lifts were unique and how it tangled with Bigfoot and the backstage areas was great. 


    The waterpark was something I think was an issue for me, which I mentioned on discord.. purely due to colors.. thought the ground textures of dirt/sand could've been colored to make it all pop more, but I completely understand the direction you took.


    In regards to the archicture, it did feel a bit bland at times. The food trucks and the beer hall are so generic, but it's honestly what you see with new breweries and truck parks these days that's super realistic and I appreciate that. What would've elevated this a bit more for me would've been a bit more detailed entrance/mainstreet area. Regardless, great work as always. 

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    I have to say going from the Discord discussion about this park and it’s score to the comments page here is a bit of tonal whiplash. That’s something I miss about the pre-discord days; if you had beef with a score, voting process, or something similar, you had to have the balls to make a easily accessible post on a public forum thread for the park. Now those discussions have more or less migrated over to discord, where any “extreme” opinions will comfortably be lost in the infinite scroll interface.

    Anyway, about the park.

    I’m conflicted. The roller coasters, as someone pointed out in Discord, were done to a caliber that normally isn’t seen (Southwinds and pretty much anything by CP6 come to mind for examples high-quality coaster production on the realism side). They’re gorgeous. These are some of the most aesthetically pleasing layouts and support work in recent memory. Two very unique styles by S&S (4D and thrust air) help keep the line up memorable. Of course the B&M twister and terrain wooden are fantastic as well. The corkscrew is fine too, but I still maintain that there’s no enough physical transfer rail present to slide the track over far enough lol.

    Aside from the layouts, I’ll be honest and say there’s not a lot that stands out to me besides that. I liked the construction site and the Ferris wheel for sure.

    Some pros:
    -Wave pool
    -Slide colors, and interaction with S&S
    -Cutaway views for both S&S rides, nice to see those kinds of realistic details in parks like these.

    Some cons:
    -It just feels odd to me to have a river with a hilly/mountainous landscape on one side but then completely flat ground on the other. Like, I’m pretty sure the park is sitting on a flood plain that extends beyond the map limits in 3 directions.
    -The area under the 4D: it’s.... I mean it’s not necessarily unrealistic, but it is very flat, empty, and rather large. Makes me wonder what used to be there that got bulldozed? It’s a big enough area where quite a bit would’ve had to go, either backstage areas or some sort of picnic seating?? Then again I don’t work in park design and planning so what do I know haha.

    Overall, really nice park. Some of the layouts were actually a tad fast through some of the elements (wooden on those flat curves, 4D on some of the inversions and the crest of the main drop). But this park is quite unique for being what some might call “generic American realism.” If anything else, this park is memorable for the layout and coasters.
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    Damn, this park is excellent! Although it feels really dense at some points I still think this deserved a much higher rate!

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    Congrats on finishing this park, pretty fast I have to say. Am I so slow or are you all so fast?! 


    It's a pretty loveable park and indeed something else. We've seen the Six Flags and CF inspired parks by now, so a park based on Lake Compounce and Fuji Q is unique. The coasters are at the same time the strong point but also a weak point to me. Each coaster is built great and has a great layout. I'm also glad to see a well done multidimension coaster, we haven't seen that much tbh and you pulled it off really well! Supporting it must have been a pain the ass. 


    But I also kinda agree with Scoop that the parks lacks a real family coaster in between the woodie/corkscrew (which are more thrill based) and Timmy Twister (which is really aimed at the smallest children). The park misses something in between I think. It's also weird for a park like this to feature a multidimension coaster and a B&M hyper... which are 2 super expensive coasters... I know you had Fuji Q in mind too when building this park but a park like Lake Compounce could never feature two such big coasters. 


    Of course it is a game so everything is possible, and you should build the coasters you want and like. But it takes the park from a realistic point of view a bit down. I also don't like the color choice of Champion. It's my main issue with this park: everything feels a bit gray and grizzled. And painting the beemer black doesn't help. A bright color could've done so much here.


    I'm sounding a bit harsh here, this park def has it great spots. The placement of the woodie on the hill through the forest is really awesome. And I also like the log flume in that aspect. The big ferris wheel is a great weenie and the inclusion of a water park was a great choice. It really adds a lot.


    Maybe it hasn't recieved the score you were looking for, but I think the score is pretty accurate. I wouldn't vote 70 either but something around 75 seems fitting. Technical execution was great but I do miss a bit of atmosphere here and that's also an important factor in my opinion. In that regard, I think KnoxVegas is still your best work yet. 

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  • Description

    Welcome to Silver Lake Amusement Park! Ever since 1989, Silver Lake has been providing thrills to the Pacific Northwest, and made a name for itself as a coaster enthusiasts paradise, including 4 record breakers.

    Bigfoot - Opened in 1999 as the longest wooden coaster west of the Mississippi and the most airtime on any coaster in the world!

    Railgun - Opened in 2002 as the fastest accelerating coaster in the US!

    Champion - Opened in 2005 as the tallest and fastest coaster west of the Mississippi.

    X- Sanity - The tallest, fastest, and longest 4th dimension coaster in the world!

    After 2008, the financial crisis forced the park to slow down with new additions, but after weathering the storm the park is looking to start adding new and exciting additions in the coming years!

    Also don't forget to check out the Silver Lake Craft Beer-fiest! Sample popular beers from around the US and enjoy amazing, and unique foods to pair them with!

    Enjoy your day at Silver Lake!

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