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    Dilly Dilly! Great looking screen, love all the activity and the pool party. The towels hanging over the banisters on the hotel balconies are a nice touch.

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    Neat stuff.

  • SSSammy%s's Photo

    hey this is great! one thing i would say is do not neglect underwater textures. plop a bit of shrubbery and try and contour the bottom of the water using land textures

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    Thanks guys! There are land textures all over the place, they're just slightly off screen here. As for underwater objects... I'll see what I can do once it's done but I have a "bit" of an object problem. lol

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    I love the vibrant atmosphere. The hanging towels are a great touch indeed. The only thing that bothers me is the absence of walls on the inside of the pool. It looks flat now.

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    The towels hanging over the hotel balconies is such a cool detail.

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    This hotel is much better than the other one, great job all around.  Especially those custom objects, really adds a lot of atmosphere and depth.

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    Change the door on the roof to something less glass-like. It doesn’t make sense to have a fancy glass door for a service area (even a color change should suffice).
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    Nice work! It's impressive how you manage to squeeze in all those little details considering your constant battle against the object limit! 

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    Thanks guys!


    Interesting take nin, I always looked at that door as a shitty steel or plain wood door that should pretty much only be in backstage areas. I never thought it looked like glass at all. lol

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    Yeah, this hotel is absolutely gorgeus. Now all ya gotta do is finish this project up and release it! ;)
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    Nice though! Sucks that this is gonna be only Open RCT2 because Open RCT2 will not work on my laptop!

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    fantastic, so full of life and detail for such an object restricted park

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