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    I also added a Dollar General that sits right next to the coaster.

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    Cool stuff, a classic out'n back woodie is always a nice border to a park.  I'd make sure to watch your scale and maybe try and to experiment with some different textures for your roofs and such, just to make things feel a bit more natural.

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    Nice! Love the coaster/parking lot interaction, really gives life to the screen. Just one thing - did you experiment with the coaster colors? I get that there is the white/red/blue theme, but an all-white woodie just looks a little too, well, white, in my eyes. Could the accent blue and reds appear in more places, or could you try making the rail/trim color grey? Or perhaps the supports could be brown? If none of that works, I still think it looks good overall as is :)

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    Love the coaster, but yea for some reason the scale seems a little off to me. I think its the car object that you used, maybe the car ride cars would have been better. Great screen regardless, would be really cool to drive under a turnaround like that to enter a parking lot in real life

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    I love police cars, ambulances, fireman etc., very cool.
    Overall is great :)

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