Screenshot / Cedar Creek Park - Hurler + Old Town Area


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    eeehhh it's a bit more than just a bland big box. you should really look at the building and try and incorporate some more details.

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    Pretty nice! Like the enterprise queue covers.

    Big bland box isn’t good. Just because it exists in real life doesn’t mean it works in RCT! It’s up to you if you want to keep it but I just think it looks terrible.
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    I agree, fix the box. Good progress though! You work fast

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    The box can use more detail, the big grey box was heavily themed on the inside to a sound stage, it had a water tower on top and the sound stage number on the side of building, yea that is still like lacking a theme, but the original concept art showed the station as a brick warehouse type facade.

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    From the thumbnail I already thought this would be a hurler rec so I that way I think you succeeded. I do agree with the others that you could probably make the box better though.
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    Hurler's station is hideous but its a little more open on the opposite side than that.


    Otherwise nice.

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    God I looked this ride up and it is equivalent of bad RCT irl.  You could make that station better if you went the hyperrealism deco trim route but not even sure what you can do with it in NCSO, this recreation just might not be suited to this style of building.  

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    I'm sorry to say but I think this screen is beyond boring to look at. Although it shows some skill, there are zero interesting features/elements that draw my attention to it. 

    Biggest culprits are the grey sea of path and the coaster's queue/station area. 

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    (To Faas; Psssst, it is supposed to look drab; although I could spice it up if it tickles your fancy)

    I'm definitely scrapping most, if not all of the big box idea because it is dull and vague here.

    I'm strongly considering scrapping (somewhat) the Cedar Fair theme and fully developing this...but I don't know. Not every theme park is the Europa Park kind of themed.

    So a yes for a Cedar Fair theme, except this is a park that is more loved and actually used to be owned by a theme park and was a THEME park versus a bland countrepart that is Cedar Fair? (sorry, but it's kinda true tbh haha)
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    If you don't want a drab looking park, don't recreate a drab looking park.
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    tbf that wasn't cedar fair. 

  • Description

    Yes. It is intended to be a bland big box. Because that is literally how Carowind's Hurler, (the one that still exists and is actually decent) looks on a daily basis.

    Nevertheless, the Old Town Games with Grammy's Cookies should spice up life now that Grammy's "Gone Bad" snake rules. Yes, the Copperhead is in business after winning the 2018 Best New Ride award of the year beating out a some coaster named HangTime at Raspberry Acres.

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