Screenshot / #waybackwednesday - Caballo


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    I really enjoyed downloading this park, it's full of stuff to look at. I like the coaster, even if it's not as memorable as some of the others in the park. I think the layout is neat, so I don't even mind that this is a post of an already released project, good chance for others to have a look at the park and enjoy the real outdoorsy feel it has.

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    This is actually very well put-together. The layout is pretty good although I wonder how fast it takes the first loop. I also feel there were some missed opportunities to have the ride interact with the paths.


    Either way, it's aesthetically pleasing in an old-school way.

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    One of my personal favourites, even though there are probably more satisfying layouts that others might fancy on this map. I just love its surroundings and place in the park, as well as the unconventional inclusion of CSO roofs.


    Some distortion happening on this screen unfortunately, but good chance to see it in-game! Still looks awesome.


    Can't wait for more from you dude, I'm sure you've improved a lot since this <3

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    I loved the use of colors in this park, great job.

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