Screenshot / Cedar Creek Park - Entrance Redone


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    The path roof with colored post fences is neat, I might use that one day.

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    I also like that roof structure. 
    To me the main thing holding this back is the randomness of the architecture textures, for example the peach building in the middle where it is rocky wall->bricks->wood->stone fence. I would strip back most buildings here to just 1 wall texture per building + a roof trim. Then add interest through details like awnings, hanging flowers etc.


    I actually think the scale and forms of the buildings are quite good, and the overall composition is looking great too.

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    I agree with Alex, the texture layering seems pretty random. Although that might be part of your style, I think it can help when you stick to less layers.

    I really like how you set up a park. It looks like a big square, but it's still so vibrant and there's plenty of things to see.

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    Agree with alex regarding the textures. I would also suggest that the bag check be moved to before the entrance gates/turnstiles and given more space, since its current position would create a peep flow issue. The viewing area for the coaster is a good spot, though I'm not sure the pink flower awning is working well there. The black awnings with the red/orange/white motif are quite nice, and the overall shape and sort of rustic aesthetic of the area is lovely as well.

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    Also agree about the textures. Too many of them and spread a big haphazard without much thought.


    The entrance cover with the poles and the path is a great idea though, kudos for that.

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