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    who started all the campfires?

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    Don't think the description is longer enough also cool screen
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    Nice truck. Simple but effective. Also tl;dr.

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    Is the park insured?

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    who started all the campfires?

    smokey bear 
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    A new season has come, and with it some amount of stability for the Reed family. The quaint swing ride that started it all has been replaced with a proper wave-swinger overlooking the lake. The park has balanced its budget after their major renovations and their small coaster, and they are excited to see how the park grows. More unfortunate difficulties get in the way though. The kayak rental has come to an end, after some hapless kayakers drew too close to the swinging ship ride and the machinery beneath it - it also was not producing as much revenue as it had in former years.

    But then in the off season, disaster strikes. In the dead of a winter night, local residents, including the Reed family, are woken up to an awful sight catching their eye.

    Roughcut, Will’s beloved, self made roller coaster, is in flames. Standing out in the snow, Will can only watch in horror. Perhaps it would have been salvageable if the fire department had been able to get there earlier. However, the park’s lack of access for emergency vehicles leads to time wasted in getting crews on the scene. By the time the fire department is able to get their equipment into the nearby pastureland, it is over. Roughcut is no more.

    For some time after, Will is inconsolable. They’d been planning on installing a large ferris wheel at the front of the park for the next season, but between financial fallout from the disaster, and just overall stress, such plans are shelved. Roughcut wasn’t anything particularly thrilling, but it had put them on the map. It was a novelty that fans came from across the country to see.

    And staining it further, was what had caused the fire. Will felt sure that it was some carelessness on his part, but rumors swarmed the community that it was arson. Arson, allegedly, by Adventure Park, or by someone associated with them. The town around Adventure Park had been suffering with the decline in visitation, and any number of residents had motivation to attack back.

    But Will didn’t really care about the supposedly exciting drama. For him, the coaster had been a dream realized. An entire life spent tinkering with everything around him had finally culminated in something he’d always wanted to achieve. And then it was taken away from him. And really, though the park was Will’s passion, his family and their relatives felt the loss. For his youngest children, some of their earliest memories were on daddy’s roller coaster.

    One day, Will was approached by one of his daughters, Tracy - the one that had named the Cherry Swing, all those years ago. As she’d been getting older, she had been gaining a fascination for theme parks herself, and had spent more and more time with her dad fixing things at the park. It was a simple question she asked - how hard would it be to get them a new coaster?

    Very hard, Will answered. But not impossible. With a new goal in mind, Will finally got back up - and together with Tracy, they got back to work.

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