Screenshot / California Boardwalk Inspired Park


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    Saw it on reddit. Think the colors are a little bit to much.


    Overall a sweet screenshot and welcome. 

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    Welcome! Glad you decided to join us here.


    Lovely screen. I love what you've done with the swinging ship, how you've added little bits to it just to make it feel a little more custom. Colours are great too!


    I'd try and work some different path textures into it just to break up the grey path.


    Lovely work though.

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    I'm so glad you decided to post it here also because it's absolutely NE quality work.


    I think the colors are perfect (it's a boardwalk after-all) and it's obvious that you have a ton of skill with this game. I can't wait to see more from this project.

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    FANTASTIC. Please join H2H7!

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    FANTASTIC. Please join H2H7!

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    Reminds me of early Pacificoaster. But you're better than early Pacificoaster. Please join h2h7!
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    Great stuff. Keep playing and you'll get the refinement of some of the better known players around here. Keep it up!

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    FANTASTIC. Please join H2H7!




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    This is really nice. :) I agree that the grey is a bit too much.

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    join h2h7

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