Screenshot / Boomslang, Python, Zambezi's Fury and Sankura Rapids


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    Very good but I don't like the transparent parts of the lift for the rapids ride. Maybe place some slanted blocks under the steps objects. You could also strengthen the sides of the lift a bit?


    Colors and interaction all look very cool!

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    This is promising! Can't wait to see this in game!

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    This looks really nice!

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    Okay i am waiting for Emerald Pointe! I think itll be just as good as Sunset Valley! Though I wish your Sunset Valley was a gold or spotlight!

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    Looks very good Bill.


    Though, I feel that you could simply that bridge on the right side, perhaps so it doesn't glitch with the peeps and maybe uses less objects?


    I also think the dark 3x3 palm tree fees very out of place in the upper picture.

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    Looking good. I don't really like the brown-red checkerboard pattern of the roofs and the straight piece of suspended coaster before the lift hill is kind of awkward. I like the setting of the dual rapids station and kudos for the Dutch shuttle loop name! 

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    Thanks for the feedback guys!


    Sulakke: The straightaway isn't that awkward in game, the screen cuts off right where it starts curving so it gives the illusion of being more elongated than it is.


    Fisch: Good point about the conveyor, I'll fix that. By the way, that's actually the rollers into the water (sort of like this image below) so I think it's going the opposite direction that everyone thinks it is. This is entirely irrelevant to the comments of course but I figured I'd point it out. There's a lift section mid-ride.



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    wow that suspended.

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    Loving this. The colors for the suspended are amazing. 

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    Great work Bill! Wonderful vibe going on here!!!!

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    Impact font? Come on, Bill.

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    I resisted the urge to use papyrus for an adventure theme. I deserve SOME credit. lol

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    Everything looks perfect to me. The only thing I would maybe change/remove would be the colored "queue awnings" but that's just a detail. Love the rapids ride and the suspended. 

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    Love that river rapids station. Haven't seen one of those before. Suspended looks great as well! Nice job, Bill.

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    So coasterbill is this park open rct? I hope not because I don't have that!

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    This park is compatible with Open and Vanilla, but Open RCT is free and you should definitely download it.

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    but is it open rct or no? its just my laptop is someties picky about downloading games!

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    You can open this in normal RCT.

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    okay thanks! sorry if i bothered! i cant wait to explore this!

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