Screenshot / Cedar Creek Park - Alternate Main Street View


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    Really nice!  Great architecture all around and feels very organically laid out.  The green-brown-peach complex on the left is super solid.

    I love the monorail planters but I wish there were a way to not have the tarmac clipping through.  The pink flowers also feel a little bright compared to the rest of the darker tones - maybe a red instead?  There's also some odd "skinny wall" stuff going on with the green and purple buildings center frame - try to add some posts in the doorframes to prevent the paperwall effect.

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    Nicely laid out for sure, but it still lacks refinement. I think the zero clearanced iron roofs are simply awful looking. The grass poking through around the path edges also bothers me. I would always put sand or some other texture under path. No pink flowers on the awnings if you also have pink flowers in the planters. It makes the awnings look like planters, making the path layout very confusing. Its confusing. You've gotten quite good at creating these park spaces.


    Despite these things I would call flaws, the area still is very pleasant.

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    I like it, in particular the green building in the centre that involves some diagonal pieces, it helps break up the grid a bit better. I also like your non-cs solutions to problems such as chimneys and awnings. This image to me is fairly simple in design but good at what it's trying to be, which is an easily viewable main plaza. There's a good amount to take in but no an excessive amount, which is good. 


    I'm interested to see what other areas of the park look like.

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    Another thing to consider is the ground textures under the path aren't consistent.. you have grass/brown dirt/grey dirt all over the place sorta haphazardly. I'd rather see you use that sort of path borders as opposed to using a plethora of fence types. Less textures the better some times.

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    I think the monorail planter things are unnecessary, they just don't fit in well. In my opinion you have to work way too hard to make monorail pieces look good and it's not worth the effort. I also think the colors are all over the place - you've used just about every bright color there is, and it makes the area look jumbled. Pick a few colors to tie the whole thing together and save the others for other parts of the park. 


    Other than that, it's not too bad, if not a bit claustrophobic. The colors and general boxy-ness of the buildings make it seem like they're built out of Legos. 

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