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    This is fantastic dude. Welcome back. There's nothing to really gripe about. Maybe too much path near the top, but who cares. Very nice overall vibe you captured here.

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    Pleasant stuff. Welcome back
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    Pleasant. Can imagine being here. Might be worth adding some longer/larger planters in the wide street/path.

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    Really love the vibe you created here! The colors you've chosen really go well together, hope to see more of this soon! Hopefully you don't wait 6 years to post another screen!
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    thats gorgeous. great color choices.

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    What a fucking comeback

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    The scale is phenomenal. Very open with some great buildings as focal points. I hope you post more!

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    Such a warm vibe. “Pleasant” really is the perfect term to describe the atmosphere. Great work.
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    This is great! I might have a few less large trees in front of that patio so they have an open view of the waterfront but otherwise I have no complaints.

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    This is excellent. Great vibes.


    I do think the warmth is a plus, but I can't help but think that it's a little too red. Changing the paths and some of the brick around the planters could be a welcome change. Basically seems to lack just a tiny bit of contrast for me.


    That little pink/white facade in the top left is amazing though.

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    I wouldn't change anything honestly, I think it's perfect.
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    Who asked ya, Rusticles

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    love it. I think some bright blue accents in places (flowers, awnings, umbrellas) could be a nice contrast to all the reds.

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    very pleasant

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    Personally also wouldn't change a thing. It looks gorgeous. Good scale, good composition, good colours, good architecture. I'm not sure I've ever liked that red path this much to be honest. Very nice to see this.

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    Appreciate the encouraging comments everyone, you guys are great. I am happy to see people are digging this, there will be more to come soon!

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    Great atmosphere and warm tones.  I can't even think on this level, my brain doesn't build this way.  Welcome back.

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    Hello everyone. It has been a while since I have been active on this site. I haven't posted a screenshot since 2015, though maybe some here may remember me? Anyway, I have been building again the last few weeks, and here is a screen of what I've been working on. Please let me know what you think. As I have gotten back into the swing of building I find myself constantly changing direction on what exactly I want to get out of this park and what I'm doing so suggestions for improvements are very welcome.

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