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    heaps good

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    Looking good. if there's one thing i would suggest its to make the conservatory 2 or 3 units taller - just to give it a little more presence and grandeur

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    Amazing how you made that massive red path look good. The conservatory is awesome but I think Alex gave you same great advice to make it even better. 

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    Fantastic once again, honestly wish I was the one building this park, it's seem to go all the things I like.

    Perhaps you could utilize the space around the water a bit better tho? Seating, boardwalk, gardens... Right now it does seem a little bit empty there.
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    I'm loving everything you're putting down. Another fantastic screen. Agree with G on the edge of path along the water. Lots of opportunity there.

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    Hot stuff once again man. I really love this park! Let me and g force in on this :)
    Definitely consider utilizing the area towards the water more. One other thing thats sticking out to me is the lamp posts by the fountain. Kinda messes with the scale but if you just get rid of them i think it'll be fine. Great work!
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    Really can't wait to open this park when it's done. I love this style you've found for it.


    Only thing to suggest for me perhaps would be to not have the terrain 100% smooth. Maybe consider breaking it up just a little every now and then. I still think slob did this really nicely https://www.nedesign...ap/842/solaris/

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    Is this a robbie alt account? Looking good!

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    Hope you leave enough room for the Grand Prix in your park ;). Great screen, Ive been to belle isle many times. Cant wait to see the marina that's one of my favorite buildings on the island.

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    the red path was amazing, very good

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    Just gonna echo that this is amazing. Definitely getting child of Robbie and G Force vibes. Curious to see how the overall map shakes out because there's a ton of path in all the screens you've shown.

  • Description

    Belle Isle has been a popular destination for leisure since the late 19th century, and some of the parks oldest amenities are still in operation today. Whitcomb conservatory opened to the public in the summer of 1904 and remains a favorite attraction.


    This park now has a project page, and things are coming along nicely. However, I am finding that I may need some help. If anyone confident in their abilities to make hot woodies would like to give me a hand, I'm having trouble making a very specific layout. I know everyone is quite busy with H2H, but if you're interested DM me for the details.

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