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    Sizzler is a good name

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    wtf dude this is top notch. lively, warm, fresh, lush, atmospheric. simply gorgeous

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    oh this is gorgeous! Love that spinner. Names are hard, something classic? Like (State) Screamer? Pipeline somethin? Steam? White? 

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    G WAVE






    idk but it sure looks nice.



    if park is in set in the Southern U.S., make it something regional. State plant or bird or something.

    i.e. SFoG had a Georgia Scorcher and Georgia Cyclone for the longest time, before Cyclone went RMC.

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    sheesh, newcomer of the year

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    Wow this is great
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    I love this, but maybe the slanted fences on top of the station roof are a bit too much. It might look less distracting without those.
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    Very tasteful. Somewhat agree that the station roof might be cluttered with the extra fences there.

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    that is warm af. feel myself sunburning

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    That's one long ass car ride :p


    Absolutely love it. Agree about the station roof, but it's not too bad IMO. Las thing I wanna say is I really like the foliage here. 


    EDIT: no forget that, I wanna say another last thing. You know what this screen does? It makes me wanna play RCT. That's a great quality for a screen to have. 

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    Station roof is a bit of a mess but other than that, it's not bad.  Those street lamps are horrible IMO though.

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    Biggest thing for me is that the station roof has got way too much bulk to it and then only has the poles holding it up. Feels out of proportion.


    Otherwise this is obviously really good.

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    Awesome screen, you're showing again and again you have a great eye for composition and color choices. On the topic of colors though, I wonder if there are not even better choices for some of the umbrellas as well as the queue awnings for the flat, even if I think they look OK as they are. Not sure if I can give concrete suggestions but would encourage some further experimenting.


    I also agree that the station roof looks to be just a little on the heavy side. Simply reinforcing the corner poles would probably solve that.


    Great stuff and excited to see solo work from you!

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    I keep coming back to this screen to look at it.


    Just excellent

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    Love that station roof, but I do agree that I think the poles need to be thicker or something like that.


    Whole screen is lovely - very warm.

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    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I'll take it into consideration and revisit the station to see what I can do there. I did go back and forth on whether I liked the slanted picket fences on the roof while building this.


    Oh and I agree with you completely Split, I already changed the color of the queue covers yesterday since posting this. I'll experiment with the umbrella colors too, I find myself doing that most times I open up the park to work on it.

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    Really really nice, reminds me a little of that pier/beach park that Pac did (I think?), at least stylistically. Everything fits, great colors, would love to see a big park like this. 

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